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Applin Clay Figure (Pokémon)

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"It spends its entire life inside an apple. It hides from its natural enemies, bird Pokémon, by pretending it’s just an apple and nothing more."

This completely hand-sculpted piece is made out of polymer clay and was painted using acrylic paint. It has been coated in a sealant to prevent wear. 

This piece will be approximately 1.75"x1.5"x1.5", but each figure will have some variety.

You will not receive the exact piece pictured above. Each sculpture is unique and has its own special details and flaws. The one in the photos above will be used as a reference.

I can assure you that your order will be of the highest quality I can possibly make, and it will be shipped as securely as possible.

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Care Instructions

Pieces ordered from my shop are delicate due to the nature in which they are made. I am not responsible for any damages in relation to your order.